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Ministry hails boNGO Worldwide for ‘Happy Classrooms’

Ministry hails boNGO Worldwide for ‘Happy Classrooms’

Deputy Director of Basic Education in the Ministry of Education, Ellen Simango, Tuesday hailed boNGO Worldwide for complementing Government efforts in ensuring that schools have necessary teaching and learning aides. Simango made the remarks during the official launch of the Happy Classrooms at Mtsiriza Primary School in Lilongwe. The Happy classrooms concept involves colourful painting of classroom walls with various school material that is used for learning and teaching. “Bongo is complementing what the Ministry is doing by coming in with the ‘talking walls’ that is facilitating teaching and learning; we therefore applaud their efforts,” said Simango. Managing Director for bongo Worldwide Tereza Mirovicova disclosed that painting one classroom costs around K500,000 and it is her vision to see many schools have the happy classrooms as studies have shown that learning in such classes has the effect of improving performance by around 30 percent. Both Chairperson for the Social and Community Affairs Committee of Parliament Hon. Savel Kafwafwa and Member of Parliament for the area Hon. George Zulu said the happy classrooms are a game changer that should be supported and replicated across the country.

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